Top 3 blockchain ecology projects

Let’s look at the 3 best projects that integrate blockchain into the development of ecology.

The main criteria for evaluation are: resource management, material tracking, and a motivating blockchain financial system.

1. WePower — a revolutionary project based on the Ethereum Smart Energy smart contract allows clean energy producers create their own token. The auction platform connects buyers and suppliers, allowing the first to purchase energy at a favorable price.

For example, the platform has already signed multimillion-dollar deals for the purchase of energy in advance between two energy companies, one of which produces 100% solar energy.

2. Plastic Bank — the company gathers investments in form of credits to collect plastic waste and its recycling.

Credits (SPCC) are transmitted to users using a blockchain on the IBM platform. Also, thanks to the blockchain, the project allows users to track the contribution of the initiative in real time.

3. Power Ledger — an australian startup that developed the world’s first energy trading platform. Using blockchain technology, the company helps people exchange energy, trade environmental goods, and invest in renewable energy sources.

Users of the platform themselves choose the price for the product, which allows you to set a favorable rate. All transactions are recorded on the blockchain, which ensures security and transparency.

What project would you add to this list?

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