Discussing AI in education

Although androids, such as in “Space Odyssey” or “Star Wars”, are still far from reality, people already use #artificial_intelligence in various fields, like education for example.

3 projects that partially integrate AI into daily learning:

• Nuance — a project originally from Massachusetts, introduced artificial intelligence for students and teachers. Students can “speak” their texts using Dragon Speech Recognition technology. The program processes and transcribes 160 words per minute.

• Knewton is a company that developed Alta educational project for high school students. The AI adapts the curriculum based on the student’s academic performance. The subscription costs $40 and gives access to a number of subjects that are necessary for a student.

• Cognii — for the most part, a coach for students. The company produces AI products, the main being a platform for students’ personal growth. The AI-based personal assistant communicates with students in the format of open questions and adapts to their educational needs. Cognii improves critical thinking skills, provides personal feedback, and acts as a personal mentor.

Okschain plans to launch its projects with artificial intelligence, among which there will also be an educational direction. Follow the news on our social networks.

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