We are pleased to inform you about the upcoming listing of the OKS token on 3 cryptocurrency exchanges. One of the exchanges is in the Top 20 exchanges by daily volume.

The listing on BiBox will take place on March 22.

* BiBox is a platform for trading digital assets, which has implemented artificial intelligence technology. The company stands out for its secure and stable trading of BTC, ETH, BIX, NEO, EOS, OmiseGO, TenX, IOTA, Dogecoin, Qtum, HSR and other digital assets.

• Number of coins: 148.

• Number of pairs on the platform: 249.

• Daily turnover: over $295mn.

Thanks to your support we are achieving more and more.

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🔹 This is a new-generation blockchain protocol. In fact, #Polkadot is a new step in the history of the blockchain, a sharded multi-chain network that can process many processes (transactions) in several chains in parallel. This “parallel” system dramatically increased scalability and technology, as well as the range of applications.

🔹Chain-shards that connect to the Polkadot chain are called parachains.

🔹 Polkadot is built on #Substrate, which helps to set up a new blockchain with a unique architecture faster and more efficiently.

What does this give Okschain? Our team sees Polkadot as a new opportunity — a field that has yet to be explored.

Write your opinion, would you like to see #OKS or its likeness on Polkadot?

📲 💳 The payment system will focus on the OKS token, which a user can keep on their account. The tokens will be converted to the required FIAT currency for payment. This means a convenient solution for travelers and crypto enthusiasts as there is no need for constant manual conversion.

A very important aspect is that such an innovation requires a favorable financial and technological background in the countries and payment systems.

We look forward to the successful launch of such a system in Europe and the CIS 🌏

1. Institutional #investments. The year 2020 popularized this phrase in all crypto-chats. Large companies such as MassMutual and SQ have invested in cryptocurrencies and are likely to continue doing so in 2021. We expect interesting trading and growth of some currencies.

2️. NFT will contribute to the inclusivity in arts. Many types of art were either undervalued or less in demand. Artists with specific preferences or background struggled making money on their works. Now, unconventionality has become the main advertisement for NFT publications of authors.

3️. Changes towards #decentralized platforms. The reason is security and transparency. Remember the big transition…

👋 💸 Over the past 5 years, the volume of personal loans issued by fintech platforms has doubled in the lending market, shifting 22,4% market capture to more than 50%.

Among several reasons is the #blockchain technology. In addition to transparency, the blockchain gives lending a number of opportunities.

Being the first type of lending, ordinary peer-to-peer loans have returned to the fintech environment in the form of a #p2p exchange secured by cryptocurrency. For example, let’s assume Adam and Ron. The standard system implies that Adam deposits his money in bank and receive a small percentage, while Ron takes…

One of the consequences of the 2020 pandemic was global digitalization, led by financial technologies.

Studying historical experience and discussions, we can identify the top 5 trends in fintech for 2021:

1. Digital banking — while some are still tied to their homes and are still in self-isolation, online and mobile banking has become an advanced solution for them. According to a survey by BCG (Boston Consulting Group) from May 2020, in the period for March and April of last year, 44% of people aged 18 to 34 switched to digital banking. …

Although androids, such as in “Space Odyssey” or “Star Wars”, are still far from reality, people already use #artificial_intelligence in various fields, like education for example.

3 projects that partially integrate AI into daily learning:

• Nuance — a project originally from Massachusetts, introduced artificial intelligence for students and teachers. Students can “speak” their texts using Dragon Speech Recognition technology. The program processes and transcribes 160 words per minute.

• Knewton is a company that developed Alta educational project for high school students. The AI adapts the curriculum based on the student’s academic performance. …

Cryptojacking is one of many ways to steal a user’s resources. Its main difference is that it doesn’t take hold of financial assets. Cryptojacker, a program that performs cryptojacking, steals the computing resources of the device in order to mine valuable cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin.

The malware appears in the device’s system as a normal virus: through an infected link or an email. Such “shadow” mining can corrupt even a user’s phone. The popular victims are not very secure android smartphones.

Okschain uses secure ERC-20 blockchain protocols, which ensures reliability of the platform. Stay tuned to our social networks to make sure you don’t miss the launch.

The banking system is partially inferior in terms of technological capabilities to new startups that are launched every day.

The introduction of blockchain in a bank or in the global banking structure is justified by a number of advantages.

1. The first thing that the blockchain will bring is to reduce costs for all participants. International transfers will not exceed 3%, compared to the current 5–20% (pr: South African corridors), as the need for authorization from third parties and SWIFT protocols will be sharply reduced.

2. In addition, the speed of transfers will increase.

3. By eliminating intermediaries, transferring rights…

What are NFT tokens?

All the usual tokens, cryptocurrencies and FIAT are interchangeable. Each currency unit is equal to any other following one. But what if we present each token as a unique asset unlike any other?

These are the NFT tokens (Non-Fungible Tokens). The peculiarity of such a token is that it is a contract tied to a specific digital or real asset. For example, an NFT token can determine ownership of an art object. This is how NFT tokens first appeared on the painting market. Therefore, they are also referred to as crypto-collectible assets.

The standards for issuing…


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